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Cheap Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

If you are looking to buy a wireless keyboard with touchpad you will want to buy one that is not only good value but one that is also reliable. There are many different wireless keyboards on the market with various different features but essentially every model will do the same job.

Logitech diNovoEdgeThere are some very smart wireless keyboards such as the Logitech diNovoEdge that has lithium batteries and a docking station for charging. Whilst this is a desirable keyboard with a lot of useful features it is more expensive than many other models available. The diNovoEdge is a wireless keyboard with touchpad which would be suitable for the computer connoisseur that is looking for a keyboard with style and class and most importantly it looks the part.

Best budget wireless keyboard

Keysonic ACK-540RFA great budget wireless keyboard that has been one of the best selling mini wireless keyboards for the past few years is the Keysonic ACK-540RF. It has a compact laptop style keyboard with built in touchpad and scrollbar. It is small enough to be used as a keyboard for a media centre and works just as well with a desktop PC. There are two retractable feet on the underside of the keyboard to allow you to angle the keyboard if you are using it on a desk.

The Keysonic ACK-540RF is powered by standard AAA batteries, you need 4 of them. If you get some decent batteries they should last for months and months. I'd recommend getting some Pure Energy 1.5volt AAA alkaline rechargeable batteries that work great with this keyboard. You will also need an alkaline battery charger but you will save a small fortune in batteries over the long run.

wireless keyboard touchpad

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