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Wireless Keyboard Trackball

Whilst many people like to use a wireless keyboard with touchpad as it closely resembles a laptop which most laptop users are familiar with and used to. However some people prefer to use a trackball rather than a touchpad. A trackball is in essence and upside down mouse, rather than moving a mouse to move the ball you jst scroll the ball and this controls the mouse pointer.

full size wireless keyboard with trackballA wireless keyboard trackball combination is useful if you have a HTPC, that is a home theatre PC. This is computer that acts as a media centre to play your music, television programmes and video amongst other things. A media PC is usually plugged into your TV rather than having the display on a computer monitor. Most modern flat screen televisions have a PC monitor input.

Which wireless touchpad keyboard?

A home HTPC tends to be designed to run quietly and look more like a DVD player than a home computer. As it is usually place under the TV or beside it you need a wireless keyboard with either a touchpad or trackball to be able to control the computer. Most keyboard and trackball devices tend to be either Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz wireless and have a range of up to 10 metres. This is usually sufficient for most peoples needs.

wireless keyboard trackballWith most wireless keyboards the trackball is located to the right of the keypad so they will be more suited to you if you are right handed. You can choose either a compact style keyboard or a full size keyboard, if you intend on doing a lot of typing then a full size keyboard would be more suitable. If you plan to use the keyboard less for typing and more for just controlling your computer such as with a HTPC then a smaller morestylish model would be best.

wireless keyboard touchpad

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